Always Take Profit!

Hey there, fellow traders! Let’s dive into the art of profit taking. Have you ever experienced the following:

“When you are so excited about your trade that you take a screen shot to send to your buddy, that is probably when you should probably take profit.”

Knowing when and how to take profits is like navigating a trading rollercoaster. When the market’s up and up, resisting the urge to ride it all the way to the top can be tough. But if you hold out for too long, that exciting trade might just slip through your fingers, leaving you holding the bag. This often has an emotional trigger on a trader that usually results in irrational decision-making, which can be detrimental to your trading.

One smart strategy is scaling in and out of each position. As you approach a major resistance, trimming some profits or closing partial positions is totally legit. If the price retraces or pulls-back, you can always buy back in. If not, hey, you’ve still got a core position to ride the momentum.

And here’s a gem of wisdom: taking profits along the way is like trading on easy mode. Your remaining position gets smaller with each partial profit closure, making your future decisions a breeze. Less pressure, less risk and much more rational decision making —now, who doesn’t want that?

Sure, it’s tempting to chase that extra 5% or 10% in profit, but timing the market’s tops and bottoms is near impossible. And let’s face it, it’s better to lock in those gains and play it safe. Nobody has ever gone broke taking profit!

But finding the balance between taking profit and riding a winning trade is an art. You’ve got to stay connected to the price action, follow the trend, and keep an eye out for signs of weakening. Faking out is not fun, so having a solid confirmation filter is always key. A little caution mixed with a dash of aggression might just be the winning recipe.

In the grand scheme, remember this: “If you’re up big now, maybe take a little off the table.” You’ll thank yourself in the long run. Happy trading, and remember, profit-taking is an art worth mastering!