Just me and the charts!

“The process of trading taught me the real meaning of “good things come to those who wait.”

Meet Sajidan Azka, a Funded Trader with Funding Frontier. Discover how Gwen and other traders secured funding and gain insights and tips for a successful trading journey.

Please introduce yourself: Who you are, your age, where you are from and what you do for a living?
I’m an 18-year-old high school student from Indonesia. Trading has become more than just a hobby for me; it’s kind of like a side hustle while I navigate through high school.

What is your trading routine?
Honestly, I’m not one of those people who religiously follows a trading routine like you see posted all over social media. I keep it simple – trading happens when I’m back from school. No fancy rituals, just me and the charts.

What are your goals with funded trading?
Managing bigger capital is definitely a key goal for me. As I progress in my trading journey, I aim to take on larger positions and increase the scale of my trades. Ultimately, I see funded trading as a pathway to growing my trading account and expanding my financial opportunities.

Do you have a trading plan in place, and do you strictly follow it? Please elaborate
Yes, I have multiple strategies, each with its own set of rules that I strictly adhere to. I maintain consistent risk management, typically risking 0.3% per trade. However, if multiple strategies align simultaneously, I may increase risk to 2% to capitalize on favorable market conditions.

What was the most challenging obstacle in your trading journey?
Patience, without a doubt. Waiting for those A+ setups and resisting the urge to jump into trades prematurely has been the most challenging part. The process taught me the real meaning of “good things come to those who wait.”

What did you find easier, the FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge or the Verification phase? Share your thoughts:
I don’t think there is such a word as easy in the financial world but if you have the right strategy and follow your rules the market will bring you profit but if you treat trading as a betting center you will lose all your money.

How would you rate your experience with FUNDING FRONTIER?
Funding Frontier offers excellent trading conditions and live support. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new prop firm.


What advice would you give to other traders attempting the FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge?
Don’t give up. It’s all about practice. Keep at it, and your time will come.

Do you plan to take another FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge to manage even bigger capital?
Absolutely, I will be looking to take another challenge to further enhance my skills and manage even bigger capital. Continuously pushing my boundaries and embracing new challenges is essential for my growth as a trader.

Describe your best trade.
Every trade I take is the best because, in trading, it’s about probabilities. Some wins, some losses, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s all part of the game.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to a new trader?
The number one piece of advice I would give to a new trader is don’t give up. Practice, practice, practice, and your time will come.

How did you first hear about FUNDING FRONTIER?
I heard about Funding Frontier through Raja Banks. Sometimes, it’s those personal recommendations that lead you to some great opportunities.

Can you describe your risk management plan?
My risk management is straightforward – if I’m in a trade, it’s either hitting the full stop or closing it early if I see a candle signaling a reversal. It’s simple, but it works for me.

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