Overcome the influence of greed

“Recognizing that securing a modest 10-pip profit is often more prudent than pursuing larger gains, has been a key lesson.”

Meet Amine Sabri, a Funded Trader with Funding Frontier. Discover how Amine and other traders secured funding and gain insights and tips for a successful trading journey.

What is your trading routine?
My trading routine can be a bit challenging since I’m actively involved in both trading and a day job. When I’m on the night shift, I focus on the Asian session, and try to secure a decent profit. Upon returning home, I often stay awake to participate in pre-London trading. As for the New York session, I prioritize it over London, opting to get a good night’s sleep to be well-rested for early morning trading. I specifically trade only two pairs, GOLD and GBPJPY and try to trade with the trend. Despite the complexities, I maintain a disciplined approach, adhering to a 1-2 trade per day strategy.

What are your goals with funded trading?
My goal with funded trading is straightforward. I aim to grow my capital significantly within a funded account while concurrently establishing a comprehensive historical record of my trades. This historical data serves as a valuable resource for future reference and analysis, contributing to continuous improvement and informed decision-making in my future trading endeavours.

Do you have a trading plan in place, and do you strictly follow it? Please elaborate
Certainly, I have a well-defined trading plan based on Smart Raja Concepts, and I adhere to it rigorously. The plan entails executing a limited number of trades, typically 1-2 per day, risking a between 1-2 percent per trade. This disciplined approach is aimed at maintaining consistency over the long run. By strictly following the Smart Raja Concepts, I ensure that my trading activities align with a carefully crafted strategy, contributing to a more sustainable and successful trading journey.

What was the most challenging obstacle in your trading journey?
The most challenging obstacle in my trading journey has been overcoming the influence of greed. Recognizing that securing a modest 10-pip profit is often more prudent than pursuing larger gains, has been a key lesson. I’ve tested this strategy and observed that price frequently reach 10 pips before retracing to my breakeven point. Therefore, opting for smaller, banking consistent gains improves my confidence. However, I acknowledge that when there is a notable increase in trading volume, I may adjust my approach to target larger profits, reflecting a nuanced strategy that adapts to market conditions.

What did you find easier, the FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge or the Verification phase? Share your thoughts:
Both the Funding Frontier Challenge and Verification phase presented their own set of challenges, and neither was inherently easier. In my perspective, success in both stages hinges on having a robust strategy and sound risk management practices. The key is to maintain strict adherence to the established strategy, ensuring that each trade aligns with a well-thought-out plan. By aiming for A+ setups and maintaining discipline, it becomes possible to achieve returns beyond the required 7.5%. Ultimately, success in these phases depends on the trader’s ability to navigate the complexities of the market with a solid and adaptive approach.

How would you rate your experience with FUNDING FRONTIER?
I would rate my experience with Funding Frontier as a solid 10/10. The exceptional support provided by their team has been a standout aspect for me. Having a support team that addresses my questions on a daily basis, understands my circumstances, and ensures my satisfaction is crucial. Since the beginning of my journey with them, almost like being part of a family. I want to express my gratitude to Funding Frontier for the consistent and valuable support they have extended throughout my trading journey.

What advice would you give to other traders attempting the FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge?
My advice to other traders attempting the Funding Frontier Challenge is highly positive based on my experience. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and I’ve actually encouraged my friends to undertake the challenge as well. The company’s excellent support, coupled with a conducive trading environment, has been instrumental in my success. There’s truly nothing to say about Funding Frontier except that they consistently deliver excellent work.

Do you plan to take another FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge to manage even bigger capital?Certainly, I plan to continue taking the Funding Frontier Challenge, investing in 2 or more accounts every month. My goal is to progressively manage even larger capital, and I’m actively working towards securing more than $100K in the near future. The consistent support and conducive trading environment provided by Funding Frontier align well with my objectives, making it a strategic choice for furthering my trading journey and capital growth.

Describe your best trade.
My best trade occurred on 11/07/2023 during the Asian session, specifically trading GOLD. What made this trade stand out was the decision to use a larger lot size, albeit with calculated risk management. Despite the elevated risk associated with a 2 lot position, my confidence stemmed from the heavily bearish nature of the gold market.

The trade unfolded smoothly as the 30M candle closed below support with substantial volume. This confirmation prompted me to give the trade an opportunity to run. To mitigate risk and secure gains, I opted for a quick scalp, locking in a 15 pip profit. While the market continued to move significantly, surpassing 100 pips, my focus on quick scalp trades aligned with my strategy, allowing me to make the most of the opportunity and contribute to a successful trading day.

We noticed that you went into a massive drawdown of almost 4% when trading your funded account. What did you do to recover your losses and ensure you received a profit split both in terms of your trading and psychology?
The 4% loss was a mistake on my part. If you see my trades I rarely entered with 1-2 lot size on the funded phase of the program. I only use a bigger lot size on my evaluation phase. What happened was that I entered with a 2 lot position on the day thinking I was trading my evaluation phase account. I then realized that it was on my funded account and what I did is pretty simple. I tried to stay calm and move to the next trade because I have a rule that says it’s not about 4%, it’s about sticking to your risk management and securing profits. Most importantly in trading is that I do not set goals to my trading because that will lead to greed, and greed will make you lose a lot.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to a new trader?
My advice to you is if you are considering entering this industry, to please consider these steps:

1) Never put your money into trading if you don’t have a record of 6+ months of trading on a demo account.
2) Stick to 1-2 trades per day as Raja Banks says.
3) Understand that losses are part of the game.
4) Show up every day.

How did you first hear about FUNDING FRONTIER?
I first heard about Funding Frontier through Instagram, where I was following Forexstreet247. Seeing that Forexstreet247 endorsed Funding Frontier and noting the partnership with Dominion Markets, a broker I trust, significantly increased my confidence in the platform. The combination of a trusted strategy, positive recommendations, and reputable partnerships led me to join Funding Frontier.

Can you describe your risk management plan?
If you are familiar with Smart Raja Concepts then it is pretty much the same. I just put my stop loss above the previous or current candle and if the price reaches a support or resistance level, and there is a high probability that it may reject from the level, I secure profits and move my Stop Loss to Breakeven. I also use dynamic entries wherein I split my entry into 2 trades: one entry is placed after the current 30 minute candle creates a top or bottom wick and flips; and the other entry is placed on the creation of the current 30 minute candle’s wick if I know price will drive based on a higher time frame bias.

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