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“Honestly, I’ve been with many prop firms but I have to say that this is by far the best one I’ve been with.”

Meet Haroon Hussain, a Funded Trader with Funding Frontier. Discover how Haroon and other traders secured funding and gain insights and tips for a successful trading journey.

What is your trading routine?
My trading routine is to wake up and prepare myself for the trading day. I personally need to be mentally prepared prior to trading. The way that I do this is by envisioning a trade I intend on entering, and most importantly how I will manage the trade if it doesn’t go in the direction that I anticipated.

By knowing exactly what my loss will be if my trade hits stoploss prior to executing was a game changer for me. This way you do not end up chasing losses as you are already mentally prepared prior to executing. I mainly trade Gold so I like to use the 4 hour timeframe and see if there’s any entries in either the Pre-London or Pre-New York period in order to get that push through when the market does opens with volume.

What are your goals with funded trading?
My goal with Funding Frontier is to eventually have $400k funded capital. I had some bad luck previously with myforexfunds as they shut down when I just got funded with them. When I heard Funding Frontier was offering Dominion Markets as a broker, whilst being based in Dubai I did not hesitate to purchase a challenge. Everything went well and I made it to my first pay-out, which was very smooth and quick!

Do you have a trading plan in place, and do you strictly follow it? Please elaborate
I do have a trading plan in place, however I’m still developing and tweaking it as I gain more trading experience. I have certain setups which I trade and try not to take more than 3 trades a day. I would like to say that I strictly follow my trading plan, however there are some days where I can get carried away.

I am also big on journaling my trades which I believe is very important. The reason being is it allows me to see all my losses, the times I took the trades and the timeframes etc. This allows me to identify patterns within my losing trades which I use to improve and develop as a trader.

What was the most challenging obstacle in your trading journey?
The most challenging obstacle in my trading journey was mastering my mind and becoming disciplined. Once you have mastered your mindset and become disciplined you will see a huge improvement. All the overtrading, over leveraging will slowly go away.

What did you find easier, the FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge or the Verification phase? Share your thoughts:
In my opinion id say the verification is harder as there’s more pressure because you’ve passed the first phase. So that pressure of knowing that if you pass the verification you will be funded can make it a lot harder. But this was at the beginning of taking funding challenges. Once you have passed a few, the pressure goes away.

How would you rate your experience with FUNDING FRONTIER?
Honestly, I’ve been with many prop firms but I have to say that this is by far the best one I’ve been with. The community, the quick replies from support, the quick payouts just makes it a 5 Star experience. Also, the trading knowledge they provide on social media to help traders is amazing!

What advice would you give to other traders attempting the FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge?
I would advise them to take their time. Funding Frontier has no time limit on their challenges. So take your time as there is no rush. Don’t risk more than 2% of your account per trade. Trade in good market conditions with clean ranges.

Do you plan to take another FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge to manage even bigger capital?
I definitely do. My goal by the end of this year is to be funded with a $100k account with Funding Frontier.

Describe your best trade.
My best trade was on my own personal account. I caught 330 pips on gold in a trade that I held for 1 day. I closed 80% at 120 pips and let the rest run to 330 pips using the daily timeframe.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to a new trader?
I would advise them to treat trading as a hobby. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Take 1-2 trades a day and journal them. The goal is to be consistent long term. When you are consistently profitable you can then increase your account size or even go for a funded account to increase your trading capital.

How did you first hear about FUNDING FRONTIER?
I heard about it from the man, the myth, the legend RAJA BANKS. I have seen it on his Instagram story. This was when I was hesitant about taking any more funded challenges after my previous experience with MFF. But like I said, once I saw that they are offering Dominion Markets and are based in Dubai I didn’t hesitate.

Can you describe your risk management plan?
I like to manage risk based on what I see and not what I feel. A lot of people tend to close their position in drawdown because they have risked too much. Know how much you are going to risk beforehand. And when the trade you are in starts developing making new higher highs or lows, if it breaks structure, I will close half or the entire position.

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