What to do when the market undergoes a reversal

“My favourite setup involves using the principles of supply and demand when the market undergoes a reversal.”

Meet Hussein Sheikh Ali, a Funded Trader with Funding Frontier. Discover how Hussein and other traders secured funding and gain insights and tips for a successful trading journey.

What is your trading routine?
My trading routine involves doing daily market analysis and thereafter setting my entry and exit points based on technical and fundamental factors that I take into consideration. I then continuously monitor my positions during my trading hours, and do a thorough review of all my trades after market close for my personal improvement.

What are your goals with funded trading?
My goals with funded trading is to have capital growth and financial independence. I would also like to build a track record for larger opportunities that may present themselves if I am consistently profitable.

Do you have a trading plan in place, and do you strictly follow it? Please elaborate
es, I have a comprehensive trading plan in place. It includes: detailed strategies for my entry and exit points, my risk management rules, and criteria for selecting trades. I strictly adhere to my trading plan to minimize emotional decision-making and maintain my discipline. Regular reviews and updates ensure that my plan evolves with changing market conditions. However, I try not to deviate from my plan too much to stay consistent with my overall trading strategy.

What was the most challenging obstacle in your trading journey?
The most challenging obstacle in my trading journey has been mastering emotional discipline. Overcoming the natural inclination to let your emotions influence trading decisions, especially during periods of market volatility, has been a continuous challenge. Developing and maintaining the discipline to stick to my trading plan, regardless of the emotional highs and lows, has been crucial for my long-term success.

What did you find easier, the FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge or the Verification phase? Share your thoughts:
I found the evaluation phase easier than the verification phase.

How would you rate your experience with FUNDING FRONTIER?
Funding Frontier is the best funding company I have worked with to date. They are trustworthy, provide guarantees, and facilitate fast withdrawals of your profit splits.

What advice would you give to other traders attempting the FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge?
Having a trading plan and adhering to it, try to remain rational and control your emotions by demonstrating discipline.

Do you plan to take another FUNDING FRONTIER Challenge to manage even bigger capital? Yes, I plan to do it soon!

Describe your best trade.
I rather describe my favourite setup. It involves using the principles of supply and demand when the market undergoes a reversal. I enjoy caching the reversal as it gives me a good risk to reward ratio trade.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to a new trader?
I have a few pieces of advice:
1) Educate Yourself first.
2) Be willing to Start Small and have a plan.
3) Ensure you practice Risk Management and stay informed.
4) Lastly, always try to stay in control of your emotions and try to continuously improve.

How did you first hear about FUNDING FRONTIER?
On Instagram through Raja Banks.

Can you describe your risk management plan?
I try to risk 1-2% max per trade in a day. If I lose my trades, I switch off my screen and come back the next day. This allows me to settle emotionally and not make any rash decisions that may have an impact on my account.

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